Ideal Independent Innerpring System

This ideally designed Innerspring System engineered by R&D of Pikolin, Spain guarantees proper elasticity & total resilience, creating a perfect mattress made to last.

Its distinctive Independent & Parallel Spring Framework from head to toe and the Center Reinforcement Configuraion provide the right comfort greater body aontour suopport in accordance with consumer’s needs.


The Distinctive Z-Support surface throughout the top & bottom ensures bigger body intact points, offering better contour support.

Center Reinforcement Configuration

The lumbar area of the mattress is specially configured to provide extra for heavier parts of the body, allowing the right ergonomic posture for a healthy rest.

Independent & Parallel Spring Framwork

This ideal designed framework along with the specially designed spinals minimizes partner disturbance. It also eliminates gaps & joints, offering higher spring quantity & superior contour support.

Hybrid Stabilizer

It creates a sturdy edge that responds to the spring system, ensuring stabilizer at the adge when sleeping near the border of the mattress.

Unique total heat tempered core

This unique heat treatment manufacturing process ensures proper elasticity & guarantees total resilience of the initial shape.

Efficient air ventilation

The non pre-pocketed spring system promotes efficient inflow & outflow of air, reducing the humidity of the mattress which in turn allows the effective elimination of heat from the body.