Our Brand


Starting in 1929 in the UK, over the last hundred years, with quality and insight, Dunlopillo is proud to be the global leader in sleep care for millions of customers around the world.

Dunlopillo is more than just sleep products.  Our customers are our main source of inspiration – they want the freedom to enjoy life the way they want in the bedroom of their dreams.  Through the years, we’ve given millions around the world the peace of mind that their bedrooms are a personal haven for celebrating life’s special moments.

Every day, we do our best to be the customer champion and leading lifestyle shaper through our ever-evolving suite of sleep and comfort solutions.  With customers as our priority, we’re constantly inspired to:

  • Be a trusted and well-loved brand.
  • Engage with our customers for life.
  • Develop the full potential of our partners.
  • Set global standards in our technology and processes.
  • Inspire passion and pride in our people.
  • Be an organisational model for sustainable success.

Everything we do is driven by a strong set of brand values: customer passion, excellence, lifestyle shaping and pioneering.